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Certified organic health and beauty sales up 21%

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Natural and organic cosmetic spendings growing in UKThe Soil Association’s 2016 Organic Market Report launched Tuesday, 23 February, reveals sales of certified organic health and beauty products increased by 21.6% in 2015 to £54.2 million. The Soil Association now has 214 licensed health and beauty symbol holders, and shoppers spent an extra £800,000 a week on these products in 2015.

The sustained interest in organic health and beauty is partly driven by a general interest in wellness and wellbeing, along with an increase in young and socially conscious consumers who have strong social, ethical and environmental values. Consumers are also more aware of the misleading organic labelling practices of many beauty companies. Figures from Organic Monitor show that 31% of consumers first decided to buy a natural or organic beauty product because of increased awareness.


Increased awareness - consumers look for certification symbols

Currently, 43% of consumers look for a certification symbol when they buy a natural or organic personal care product and people are more interested in making sure the products they put on their skin and bodies are truly organic. This increase in awareness is partly thanks to marketing campaigns such as Organic Beauty Week, as well as the Soil Association’s Campaign for Clarity which draws attention to misleading organic claims made by some companies in the industry.

The organic health and beauty sector is also becoming more diverse. Last year Neal’s Yard Remedies launched an organic sun protection range as well as two new anti-ageing products with clinical testing data showing their anti-ageing efficacy.

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