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Denmark expanding the organic market with an old food brand

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In Denmark is known for have one the the most active organic food markets. It has one of the highest share of sales in Europe. according to statistics fresh produce is one of the categories with the highest organic share, reports the Independent.

Coop Danmark’s Irma chain wants to go with the organic flow by launching a new advert promoting organic. Coop Denmark’s is a cooperative based in Denmark. In 2011, the coop had over 1.6 million members out of a Danish population of 5.5 million, 1.1 million of whom used active accounts and 3,400 of whom were involved in the cooperative's decision making.

Irma is a Danish supermarket chain, part of the Coop Danmark group, which wants to encourage organic productions for their house brand. Irma was founded three decades ago as a small grocery store selling eggs. The chain is the second oldest groceries chain in the world, after Marks & Spencer. As of August 2006, the chain had 71 stores, mostly located in the Metropolitan Copenhagen area. Irma is quality-oriented mainly aiming for quality-conscious and environment-aware customers by focusing on fresh and organic products as well as packaging. Therefore, the stores have a great variety of organic products compared to other Danish supermarket, and packaging containing PVC and excessive amounts of aluminum are banned from the shelves. The same goes for chlorine-bleached products.





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