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Lidl Belgium: Discounter supplies Ghent's households by bicycle

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Lidl's bicycle delivery service
Lidl's bicycle delivery service © Lidl Belgium

In the Belgian city of Ghent, discounter Lidl has recently started offering its customers a bicycle delivery service for around 400 fresh foods. The goods can be ordered online via the pop-up web shop “Simpl”. The goods can be ordered online via the pop-up web shop “Simpl”. According to the supermarket chain, the goods are delivered within two hours by bicycle within a 3.75 km-radius of the Sint-Niklaas church.

Filip Watteeuw of the local council is satisfied with the inclusion of the pop-up web shop ‘Simpl‘ in the Ghent sales plan: “We are pleased that supermarket chains are now joining our logic of a bicycle city. With this initiative, Lidl shows that it is committed to sustainability. I can only hope that this can be an example and that others in the sector will follow soon.”

“With this initiative, we want to help families and students in Ghent to save time. Due to our busy lifestyle, it is not always easy to plan your purchases somewhere in between. That's why we now offer our fresh products to the people of Ghent online and at the same prices as in the shop,” says Lidl spokeswoman Isabelle Colbrandt.

Currently, “Simpl” is a pop-up shop which will be open until February 2019. Lidl is still considering whether the initiative could be extended to other cities.



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