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Natrue Membership Assembly 2016

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From teh left side: Natrue president Klara Alhlers, Francesca Margante, Natrue, Ute Leube, Primavera

The international association for natural and organic cosmetics Natrue welcomes 14 new members and presented the first Natrue Annual Report at the General Assembly in Berlin. Natrue President Klara Ahlers presented the first Natrue Annual Report 2015, intended to facilitate the communication of Natrue both internally and externally. 49 active members from over 15 countries worldwide, over 4,700 certified products, more than 200 brands - those were the figures presented by Natrue. Mrs. Ahlers welcomed 14 new members, bringing the total number of member companies up to 63. All are committed to promoting and protecting natural skincare and raising awareness for natural cosmetics worldwide.

Over 50 representatives from member companies plus journalists, bloggers and national and international association representatives received information on current developments as well as major trends in the sector, including an international study, in the context of consumers' behaviour, commissioned by Natrue. In subsequent workshops and debate rounds, participants could discuss future opportunities and the challenges ahead for the natural and organic cosmetics sector.

Presentation of international study on consumers' behaviour

The study "Exploring the Territory of Natural and Organic Cosmetics" presented by Senior Research Expert at the market research institute GfK Vicky De Mesmaecker provided profound insights into the behaviour of European consumers. 900 women from 6 countries (Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom) between 25 and 65 regularly using natural and organic cosmetics were interviewed. Key findings included:

1. 61% of consumers trust in seals when purchasing natural and organic cosmetics.

2. Nearly three quarter of the interviewees (71%) consider natural and organic ingredients important when purchasing natural and organic cosmetics. They have particularly high expectations regarding naturalness and safety for products like face and body creams, as well as products for babies and children.

3. 60% want to avoid products containing ingredients deriving from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Regulatory framework and contribution to market development

To-date, no official definition for natural and organic cosmetics exists in the regulatory framework. Therefore, multiple private standards exist whose seals aim to effectively reassure consumers of the naturalness of their purchased product. The problem is: each of the numerous seals has different criteria, making it difficult for consumers to choose. Dr. Mark Smith, Scientific and Regulatory Manager at Natrue, raised this issue in his presentation Natrue 's Role in the regulatory Framework".

Particular emphasis was placed on the controversial ISO guidelines 16128, which not only do not contain any criteria for the classification of products as 'natural' or 'organic' cosmetics but also authorise the use of genetically modified organisms and synthetic ingredients. Further updates and results relating to topics in which Natrue is also actively involved, including essential oils, allergens and denaturants, were also presented. In addition, Dr. Smith explained the fundamental principles for self-regulation and gave an insight into further challenges. According to Dr. Smith, future hot topics will primarily revolve around sustainable packaging, preservatives and the use of palm oil.

In her presentation on the market development of the natural and organic cosmetics sector, Natrue Label and Communication Manager Francesca Morgante showed the importance of an international standard definition, as well a clear distinction from mainstream cosmetics or labels with less strict criteria.  Natrue is the only label guaranteeing that at least 75% of the individual products of a certain range (either identified by the brand or sub-brand) fulfil the conditions of the Natrue standard. "This unique 75% rule requires a high level of commitment on the part of producers", states Mrs. Morgante, "but at the same time supports the company in positioning itself with a trusted standard on the market". Moreover, Natrue assists in communicating the brand, including at international fairs such as Vivaness 2016. At this event, Natrue was presented for the first time as supporting partner exhibiting with a joint stand in cooperation with twelve Natrue certified brands.





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