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Natural cosmetics: Amazon vs Zalando

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Natural & organic cosmetics were growth drivers also online.

More and more consumers are ordering natural cosmetics on the internet. As figures from IRI Market Research testify, in the last few months 22 percent of consumers bought their cosmetics online.

In cosmetics the trend is clearly in the direction of more natural products. Natural cosmetics have become the driver of growth in the German cosmetics market and, according to IRI, every third euro is already being spent on natural beauty care. Natural and organic cosmetics has 9.7% market share and nature-inspired cosmetics with 6.4% together account for 16.1% of the market.

Now the online giants Amazon and Zalando want a bigger and bigger slice of this expanding cake. On the Amazon portal  30,000 products, including books, are listed under the keyword “Natural cosmetics”. But if you search for natural cosmetics on Zalando you don't get far – at the moment there aren't any products.

However, according to a report by, Zalando has turned its attention to natural cosmetics and has gained Weleda as its distribution partner. Even if the search engine takes you to Zalando Germany, Austria, Belgium and Netherlands, there's still nowhere to place orders.  According to the magazine LebensmittelzeitungZalando's offer of natural cosmetics is scheduled to launch in the spring.


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