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Nestlé and Unilever: Action for more animal welfare

by Leo Frühschütz (comments: 0)

More animal welfare at Nestlé and Unilever? At least that's what the Global Coalition for Animal Welfare (GCAW) promises. Symbol picture © shutterstock/krumanop

The two food companies Nestlé and Unilever have joined forces with five international catering companies to form the Global Coalition for Animal Welfare (GCAW). They want to increase their proportion of meat products derived from animal welfare farming conditions worldwide.

It is the first industry initiative that aims to improve animal welfare worldwide and raise standards, according to a press release. "Industry experts suspect critical shareholders and investors behind the companies' initiative - and criticise the goals, which have so far only been roughly described and are already standard in Germany," writes the German magazine Lebensmittelzeitung.

The way the companies still have to go, is shown by Nestlé's announcement from end of July 2018, which informs about the establishment of the GCAW. Within the announcement, the company praises itself for its intention not to use cage eggs until 2025.

The five caterers are Ikea Food Service, Compass Group, Elior Group, Aramark and Sodexo.

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