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New publications: organic farming and climate change report and brochure for students

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Nowadays, working in the farming sector is very challenging due to extreme weather conditions and on-going climate changeoften resulting in harvest losses or the tremendous damage of natural resources. However, agriculture is also confronted with producing approximately 10 per cent of the EU’s total direct greenhouse gas emissions.

Nevertheless, the application of suitable techniques in farming does make a difference. Becoming more resilient to climate change effects and saving the environment from harmful greenhouse gases as well as maintaining food security are purposes that can be realized at the very same time. There are two new publications intending to make policy makers, scientists and students of agriculture more aware of the agriculture’s potential to counteract climate change.

  • A brochure for students of agriculture, their teachers and other scientists was developed by the SOLMACC partners. This brochure gives a detailed description of the SOLMACC practices and the farms that are partaking as well as the science behind SOLMACC.



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