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Packaging Congress: Germany says goodbye to the plastic bag

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German consumers say goodbye to plastic bags. Photo Pixabay

German consumers say goodbye to plastic bags - the elder generation more the younger less. Photo Pixabay

According to a survey by the Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e.V. dvi, the time of the plastic bag is over: Over 80% of German consumers bring their own shopping bags.

The purchase of a plastic bag is almost irrelevant when shopping. Only 4.5% buy a plastic bag in the shop. However, the younger generation is not yet on board. According to the study, consumers under 24 use plastic bags more frequently. The proportion in the 18-24 age group is 11.4%, almost three times as high as in the rest of the population (3.55%). According to the study, the age group over 55 years of age is the pioneer, with 91.8% bringing their own containers with them. The survey shows that there is a trend towards conscious shopping and less waste. "Almost 70% really do it," the study says.

Further results

Consumers are against packaging waste in nature: almost 60% see the key in more personal responsibility and citizen commitment. The interviewees advocated a ban on the import of plastic waste from China and more plastic recycling in their own country. Even if the saving of packaging - at least as far as the use of plastic bags is concerned - and "shopping without packaging" are trendy, the study shows that only just under 30% of people prefer bulk goods when shopping.

The results come from a survey with 1015 participants conducted by tns-infratest on behalf of the German Packaging Institute (dvi).




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