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Primavera: Alcohol remains a preservative in organic floral waters for now

by Horst Fiedler (comments: 0)

Organic floral water without alcohol by Primavera.
Organic floral water without alcohol by Primavera. © Primavera

At the request of customers with very sensitive and highly stressed skin, Primavera wants to produce its organic floral waters without alcohol as a preservative. Therefore, rose, immortelle and witch hazel water was tentatively conserved with organic lactobacillus ferment.

However, quality controls by the company's own and independent laboratories have shown that the ferment used currently does not have the same preservation effect as alcohol. The distribution of non-alcoholic organic floral waters announced for September must therefore be cancelled. Primavera wants to continue working on alternative conservation. Until then, the products will be delivered with unchanged formulae.


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