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Rapunzel „One World Festival“

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Celebration of the One World Award 2015

Picture: Celebration of the One World Award 2015

The German organic pioneer Rapunzel invites guests on 9 and 10 September to its One World Festival, that is held every two years. The programme of the two-day event encompasses Information, culture, music, organic culinary delights and the presentation of the One World Awards.

At the firm's headquarters in Legau, in the Allgäu region of Germany, this wholefood manufacturer will demonstrate how they produce muesli, dried fruit and nut spreads. Visitors get an insight into how food is processed, and they also get to taste Rapunzel products. Partners who grow crops all over the world for Rapunzel will answer questions on cultivating and processing coconuts, figs and palm oil. These "ambassadors from the field" will introduce themselves during the festival, as will companies in the organic sector with whom Rapunzel has friendly business relations.

Vandana Shiva will give a lecture

Detailed information on nutrition, fair trade and agriculture in the future are topics the guests can learn about in, for example, the lectures given by the Alternative Nobel Prize winner Vandana Shiva, the genetic engineering expert Angelika Hilbeck and the author Tanja Busse (“Die Wegwerfkuh” - “The Disposable Cow”). There are also cookery demonstrations with vegetarian and vegan chefs for the adults and lots of activities for the children.

The musical highlight is a special concert given by the German songwriter Konstantin Wecker and his band, on tour with "Poesie und Widerstand" (“Poetry and Resistance”),  on Sunday 10 September in the festival marquee.

At the festival Rapunzel is going to launch the interactive initiative FOODprint as a contribution to a GM-free future.

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