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Sales record for Sonnentor

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The management of Sonnentor
The management of Sonnentor © Sonnentor

Herbal specialist Sonnentor has set a sales record for the 2018/19 financial year and is planning to open two more stores this year.

The total sales of Sonnentor reached 48 million euros. Of this, Sonnentor Kräuterhandels GmbH generated 46.4 million euros of this, its subsidiary Sonnen Tourismus another 1.6 million euros. All in all, the company achieved a sales increase of over 3 percent, even though growth is not the goal of the organic pioneer.

Sonnentor founder Johannes Gutmann explains that Sonnentor strives for common welfare, thus a good life for all. We have long proved that ecologically and socially responsible management is not at odds with economic success. Sonnentor has been a member of the Gemeinwohlökonomie (economy for the common good) since 2011.

Investments in the Facility

It is clear for Sonnentor that the future of the company lies in the Waldviertel (forest district). For this reason, the profit is always invested in the facilities – in the past fiscal year, 1.7 million euros were invested. The investments included amongst others a successful optimization of warehouse logistics and a new packaging machine, which has recently been used to package Sonnentor bestsellers such as turmeric, oregano and paprika. The management announced that they are sure that this mix of traditional manual work and the sensible use of machine packaging is the right way to go – after all, it has already proved its worth with their tea bags. The popular ‘Try it!’ packs, as well as the loose teas, gift sets and numerous herbs, will continue to be hand-packed.

Two new shops by the end of the year

Sonnentor plans to open two more stores in Austria by the end of the year. One will be located in Dornbirn starting November, the other will open just in time for Christmas shopping in the Shopping City Süd, a shopping centre near the southern outskirts of Vienna. The two new shops will be the first to implement a new shop design concept.

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