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Selection: 7 Biofach Events in Englisch Language

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Crowds of visitors at Biofach 2019
Crowds of visitors at Biofach 2019 / Symbol image © Biofach/NuernbergMesse

At the world's leading trade fair BioFach in Nuremberg. from 12th - 15th February, there are not only lots of new products but also valuable information for everyday trading. A selection of events in English language for international visitors.

Febuary 12th

Trends and news of organic markets in China, India and South East Asia.

The organic markets in China, India and South East Asia are at different stages of development. To get an insight of the characteristics of each market, the presenters give an overview of current market volumes, growth forecasts and trends. Join us on a journey through the flourishing Asian organic markets and start connecting with the market experts.

11 am - 12.30 pm, Room Copenhagen, NCC Ost

Organic delivers: The potential of organic agriculture and agroecology for climate change adaptation

Organic agriculture and agroecology are heralded as promising approaches to address climate change adaptation, but a robust scientific evidence base for this is largely lacking. We present and discuss results from a project that aim at compiling such evidence base. The core is a scientific meta-review complemented with insights from recent case studies.

12 am – 1 pm, Room Istanbul, NCC Ost


February 13th

Challenges for Organic sector in light of the trade rules with third countries of the upcoming new EU Organic Regulation

In 2020, third country trade rules will be detailed by the secondary legislation. The new import regime for compliance will apply from January 1st, 2021. The current equivalence system will continue until 31/12/23 at the latest. This panel will be a good opportunity to remind the philosophy of the basic act in terms of trade rules and to present the steps to switch from equivalence to compliance.

10 am – 10.45 am, Room Istanbul, NCC Ost

Sustainable packaging: how market actors put scientific findings into practice?

The urgency for sustainable packaging is greater than ever, but many barriers for its adoption exist. Based on the panel?s practical experience, its activities in innovative projects (GLOPACK: biodegradable wastes-based packaging) and interviews with packaging experts, practical insights and implications on how to improve the sustainability of packaging alongside the value chain will be presented.

12 am – 12.45 am, Room Oslo, NCC Ost


February 14th

Sustainable Palm Oil: a resource for the cosmetic industry to achieve environmental and social goals

The growing demand of vegetable oils has led to detrimental environmental consequences and raised the importance of initiatives such as RSPO aimed at producing sustainable palm oil. FiBL study findings present the sustainability of different palm oil sourcing (organic, RSPO, conventional) and introduce the discussion on approaches, promises and challenges faced by the food and cosmetics sectors

11 am - 11.45 am, Hall 3C Stand 3C-061

10 years of experience with the introduction of the Organic Cuisine Label in Denmark: public kitchens leading the way

The panel will discuss whether this can only be achieved in Denmark or whether and how other countries would be able to use the Danish experiences. Organic production is growing in many countries. Can public catering be an instrument to spread knowledge on organic food and sustainable food production to young and old, thereby stimulating demand for organic products.

2 pm - 2.45 Uhr, Room Prague, NCC Ost


February 15th

Product Comparison - US and EU Extra Virgin Olive Oil

11 am - 11.45 am, Hall 4 Stand 4-149


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