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Spain: Impressive growth in the organic sector

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Spain, landscape
Organic area in Spain reached more than 2 mn ha. Photo c Karin Heinze

EcoLogical, an  independent consultancy for organic businesses in Spain, has published the ‘Organic Sector in Spain 2018’. This report gathers the most up-to-date information about national and international public bodies and contains original studies about the Spanish organic sector.

Spain ranked 1st in organic lands  in the EU

It presents relevant data about the organic market, the consumer, production, distribution channels for organic products. Key facts and figures show that Spain has gained prominence on the organic world stage. The organic domestic market has reached a value of €1.6 mn in 2017 and Spain is now ranked 10th among world markets. The per capita expenditure in Spain is €36.33 which means a growth of 12.6% from 2015. The organic market share reached 1.69% of the total food market. And with 2.01 million hectares of organic agricultural area Spain ranked 1st  in terms of size in the EU and 5th globally, the report informs.

EcoLogical is the first independent consultancy for organic businesses in Spain, offering advice and consulting for the organic food and distribution sectors with the aim of improving business strategies and marketing for organizations and organic operators.

The report can be downloaded for free from the web page







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