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Textile certifier GOTS: 14,6% growth in 2018

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The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) continues to grow. The organisation now certifies 5,760 companies in 64 countries. The international textile certifier presented further business figures in a press release.

Growth in all segments

As GOTS reports, the number of companies certified by the organization grew by a total of 14.6% from 5,024 to 5,760 in 2018. The 18 GOTS-certified independent certification bodies reported more than 2.02 million people working in GOTS-certified companies. According to the certifier, the growth is noticeable in all segments, regardless of production or consumer region.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland continue to be the major customer markets. This is reflected in the increase in GOTS certified companies to 576. In addition, the certifier reports a clearly growing interest of large retailers to include GOTS products in their portfolio.

Countries and regions with the highest percentage growth:

  • Bangladesch (+ 29%)
  • North America (+ 25%)
  • Pakistan (+ 23%)
  • South Korea (+ 23%)

Countries and regions with the highest growth in total number:

  • India (+315)
  • Bangladesh (+155)
  • Europe (+98)
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GOTS certified facilities increase 8,2% in 2017

The number of facilities certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS shows an increase of 8,2% to 5,024 facilities in 2017. GOTS certified facilities are located in 62 countries around the world.


Countries with the highest total number of certified companies:

  • India (1973)
  • Bangladesh (689)
  • Turkey (519)
  • Germany (500),
  • Italia (340)
  • China (301)
  • Pakistan (238)
  • Portugal (215)
  • USA (127)
  • South Korea (85)

Increase in authorised chemicals

The number of authorised chemicals on the GOTS positive list also increased by 13% to 20,231. The GOTS positive list contains registered trade names of authorised chemicals that must be used by all textile processing companies in the manufacture of GOTS certified production.


"The continuing increase in the number of certified companies reflects the common desire to solve sustainability-related problems. It confirms that GOTS is seen as part of the solution. In companies, GOTS serves as a risk management tool and brand differentiation. Consumers appreciate the verifiable certification "from the field to the finished product",

GOTS Managing Director Claudia Kersten


About GOTS

GOTS is recognised for the entire processing of clothing and home textiles made of organic fibres. The textile standard defines environmental requirements and at the same time demands compliance with social criteria at a high level. Central provisions include the prohibition of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), highly hazardous chemicals and child labour, and the requirement for strict waste water treatment practices and socially responsible management. The aim of the organisation is to define globally recognised requirements that guarantee the biological status of textiles and thus credible product safety for consumers.


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