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This Blogger opens Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

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Colin Beaven
Author and Blogger Colin Beaven. © Colin Beaven

Colin Beavan, influential author and blogger, will be opening the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit North America. Read more about his upcomming keynote on zero impacts.

On May 9th, Colin Beavan will give insights into how the cosmetic & personal care industry can help consumers lead a zero impact lifestyle. Colin has been dubbed the ‘no impact man’ after attempts for him and his family to lead a lifestyle with zero environmental impacts for a year in New York. The experiment involved purchasing locally grown food, using no carbon-based transportation, producing no trash, and using no paper products.

A challenge for the cosmetic & personal care industry

According to Colin, existing systems of consumption are wired against sustainability. The products and services we use emit carbon emissions and / or cause environmental degradation. The challenge for the cosmetic & personal care industry is to help consumers maintain a good quality lifestyle whilst not harming the environment.

In his keynote, Colin will call for companies to have an overhaul of production, distribution, and cultural systems associated with their products. Giving the example of reusable packaging systems, he will show how companies can connect customers with their products and close system loops. He will also show how cosmetic & personal care companies can help consumers lead more fulfilling lives by giving them a sense of purpose.

Innovative ways companies are addressing their evironmental impacts

Hosted in New York City on 8-10th May, the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will showcase some of the innovative ways companies are addressing their impacts. The Korean company Innerbottle will give details of its new green packaging innovation. TerraCycle will give an update on its loop shopping platform, which encourages consumers to move away from single-use packaging. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation will give examples on how chemicals can be designed for a circular economy.

Innovations involving food side stream ingredients, hemp-based and bio-based materials will also be discussed.

About the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit.

Since 2009, the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit has been covering sustainability issues in the cosmetic & personal care industry. The international series of summits now takes place in the major geographic regions of the world. The tenth North American edition will be hosted at the Park Central New York on 8-10th May 2019. More information is available from

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