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UK: more than 20% growth for organic cosmetics

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Natural and organic cosmetics are not only grwoing in Great Britain but also in Germany.

Natural and organic cosmetics are not only grwoing in Great Britain but also in Germany. Photp © Karin Heinze

According to  The Soil Association’s Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Market Report the organic and natural beauty market was worth £75.9 million (85.6 mn €) in 2017, up 24% on the previous year. This was another year of double-digit growth on what was a +13% sales growth in 2017 is extremely impressive, making it the 7th year of consecutive growth for the sector, says Soil Association. There is also a 25% increase for organic textiles.

The report takes a comprehensive look at the current beauty and wellbeing industry, its changing attitudes towards organic and its innovation in retail, ingredients and the reshuffling of brand values and transparency, due to increasing consumer demand and shift in consumer mindset. The report presents future predictions as well as challenges and opportunities for the certified organic beauty and wellbeing sector.

Alongside with the huge demand a massive number of new organic skincare brands have been launched in the last couple of years. The Soil Association alone has 5,000 registered COSMOS-certified organic beauty brands.

The 2018 Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Market Report is the only report covering the certified cosmetics market in the UK today. It is an essential read and reference document for anyone working within the industry or potentially making the leap from conventional cosmetics business to a certified organic business.

The Market Report is available for download.


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