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USA: distributor UNFI grows and is excited about Amazon-Whole Foods

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Whole Foods Market in Washington DC

Whole Foods Market in Washington DC © Karin Heinze

United Natural Foods Inc (UNFI) gets the commitment of Amazon and Whole Foods for their contracts till 2025. One of the biggest US-distributors also reports about an increase of  9.5% insales in the fiscal year 2017, which ended July 29.

The last quarter of the fiscal year seems to be very successful. Net sales during the fourth quarter were $2.34 billion, a 5.7% increase over the fourth quarter of 2016, the company announced. For the fiscal year, net sales increase 9.5%, to $9.27 billion US$, from the previous year. Acquisitions made in 2016 positively affected 2017’s sales, according to the company.

According to online UNFI CFO Mike Zechmeister said he is excited about the Amazon-Whole Foods deal. Both retailers committed to continuing their current contracts with UNFI until 2025. “We feel terrific about the combination. We feel terrific about the relationship we have with both companies. And we think they’re going to do terrific things. We’re glad to be a part of it,” Zechmeister is quoted by Newhope.

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