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Organic Addresses Worldwide

You’re looking for an overview of international organic wholesalers? Or do you want information on Italian manufacturers or to get in touch with an Indian exporter? In our database you’ll find contacts to around 1,800 organic companies and associations all over the world.

This is how it works

Click on one of the ten categories. A list appears with corresponding contacts round the globe. You can filter the list to find the country you want – and then you’ve got your own special overview.

Organic manufacturers Conventional retailers with organic product range
Organic wholesale trade Conventional Manufacturers with organic product range
Organic retail trade Online trade
Organic import/export Control agencies
Organisations/Associations Others

Enter your own contact data

You are yourself an organic manufacturer, you trade in organic products or you’d like to add your association to our database? Just click top right on “Enter your own organic address here”.

Please note: we accept no liability for the content of the address database or the information it contains.