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Organic agriculture rising in Croatia

Other issues Agriculture

13.08.2007 Redaktion

Increase of organic companies in the country

New organic advisers in Ireland

Other issues Agriculture

20.07.2007 Redaktion
In Ireland there now are 1,100 farmers using organic methods to farm almost 40,000 hectares.

„Organic“ farm loses certification

Other issues Agriculture

18.07.2007 Redaktion
First “organic” industrial-scale dairy has been shut down in the US

Going Organic and Feeding the Masses

Other issues Agriculture

27.06.2007 Redaktion
Organic food can now be looked at in a new light

A considerable growth in Romania

Other issues Agriculture

10.05.2007 Redaktion

Production and market for organic agriculture in Romania growing

Organic Farming in South Africa

Other issues Agriculture

07.05.2007 Redaktion
The use of chemical products on the orchard trees of South Africa is finally slowing down.

FAO Convenes International Conference to Demonstrate the Huge Potential of Organic Agriculture for Food Security

Other issues Agriculture

05.05.2007 Redaktion
The conference is organized in partnership with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).

Organic Farming Becomes More Widespread

Other issues Agriculture

03.05.2007 Redaktion
Today 31 million hectares of land are being used for certified organic farming

Organic Agriculture in Tunisia is growing with olive trees

Other issues Agriculture

27.04.2007 Redaktion
In order to develope organic agriculture in Tunisia a colloquium has been organized

Organic Farm Producers in Scotland Decreasing

Other issues Agriculture

27.03.2007 Redaktion

Number of organic farms decreased from 707 to 615

British secretary of state critisized

Other issues Agriculture

27.01.2007 Redaktion

British Secretary of State comments on organic agriculture.

Devon is Great Britain’s Number One

Other issues Agriculture

06.12.2006 Redaktion

Devon has been declared the number one organic county in Great Britain.

Organic milk supply in the UK

Other issues Agriculture

04.12.2006 Redaktion
Organic conversion levels are close to being met to secure supply.

Organic farmer has been elected as a U.S. Senator

Other issues Agriculture

15.11.2006 Redaktion
Joe Tester will be a Senator from the state of Montana

Growth, Jobs and Sustainability

Other issues Agriculture

06.11.2006 Redaktion
The CAP Seminar “Organic Farming and the Lisbon Strategy” revealed the importance of the Lisbon Strategy.

Country Report Ukraine

Other issues Agriculture

03.11.2006 Redaktion
A  lot of arable land, a few farms and large areas

Subsidies for organic food in Bulgaria

Other issues Agriculture

18.10.2006 Redaktion
12.6 million Euros are to be distributed amongst farmers and producers.

IFOAM EU Group and BEO set up a European Organic Processor Group

Other issues Agriculture

04.09.2006 Redaktion
Cooperation in organic processing and trade issues at the EU level.

Organic Agriculture Will Start in Armenia in 2007

Other issues Agriculture

31.08.2006 Redaktion
The year 2007 will be a starting year for the formation of organic agriculture in Armenia, RA Minister of Agriculture David Lokyan stated at his meeting with Romanian experts in organic agriculture.

Philippines: organic rice farming

Other issues Agriculture

22.08.2006 Redaktion

MASIPAG Transplanting activity.

Less grants for organic agriculture in the Czech Republic

Other issues Agriculture

20.08.2006 Redaktion
The Ministry of Agriculture in Prague has eliminated from the programme for rural development two segments that were promoting organic agriculture.

USA: Institute Files Legal Complaint against Horizon

Other issues Agriculture

19.08.2006 Redaktion

The Cornucopia Institute, an organic watchdog in the US, filed a formal legal complaint against Horizon, the country’s leading organic brand, with the USDA’s Office of Compliance.

Good starting conditions for organic agriculture in Macedonia

Other issues Agriculture

14.08.2006 Redaktion
With 25,713 km² and a popoulation of 2.02 Mio, Macedonia is the smallest state of former Yugoslavia.

Organic Agriculture Contributes to Food Security and Rural Development in Africa

Other issues Agriculture

07.07.2006 Redaktion
The (IFOAM) presented diverse examples of Organic Agriculture in Africa.

A Positive Forecast for Poland’s Organic Production

Other issues Agriculture

05.07.2006 Redaktion
The number of certified organic farms in Poland rose to almost 7200.
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