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L’Oreal buys Sanoflore

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10.11.2006 Redaktion
The world’s leading cosmetic player has expanded its position with the acquisition of Sanoflore.

Organic Cotton on the Move

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27.09.2006 Redaktion
The Organic Exchange Conference showed that sales of organic cotton increasing rapidly.

Tesco is set for all-organic clothing

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20.09.2006 Redaktion
Supermarkets are going “green” with a new range of eco-friendly clothes.

Organic Wines in the UK

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19.09.2006 Redaktion
Organic wine has made its way to the supermarkets.

Philippines: organic rice farming

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22.08.2006 Redaktion

MASIPAG Transplanting activity.

South Africa: GMO bill put on hold

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21.08.2006 Redaktion

Parliamentary Committee puts Genetically Modified Organisms Amendment Bill on hold.

USA: Institute Files Legal Complaint against Horizon

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19.08.2006 Redaktion

The Cornucopia Institute, an organic watchdog in the US, filed a formal legal complaint against Horizon, the country’s leading organic brand, with the USDA’s Office of Compliance.

IFOAM EU Group installed a new info page on the revision of the organic EC Regulation

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31.07.2006 Redaktion
Major concerns and crucial points of the organic movement should be considered by the EU administration.

Organic Leather

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28.07.2006 Redaktion
A new California outfit deals in organic leather.

A New Look Brand is Launched in Wales

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24.07.2006 Redaktion

Welsh organic dairy co-operative, is launching a new look for its popular milk. 

Scotch and Beer - organic

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13.07.2006 Redaktion

Distributor of organic food in the UK has launched a range of organic beers/Scotch distiller and distributor has launched the first organic whisky.

Czech’s Green Party Aims to Help the Organic Food Sector

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12.07.2006 Redaktion
The Green Party promised to push policies that further the organic agenda.

Organic Coffee from Kalinga (Philippines)

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26.06.2006 Redaktion
Due to the efforts of the Department of Trade and Industry Kalinga, coffee farming in this province is becoming organic.

A New Awareness for Organic Clothes in the UK

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22.06.2006 Redaktion
33 % of the consumers consider themselves as being conscience consumers.

Organic Cod Farming on the Shetlands

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21.06.2006 Redaktion
Britons eat 300,000 tons of cod a year.

IFOAM EU Group Calls for Changes to Organic Amendment

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19.06.2006 Redaktion
At the end of May, the IFOAM EU Group sent the Austrian council presidency an extensive list of requirements concerning the revision of the EU Organic Regulation.

Demand for Organic Meats Outpacing Supply

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01.06.2006 Redaktion

Organic meat sales continue to surge in North America with 51 % growth registered in 2005.

European Parliament: More Honesty in Advertising

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30.05.2006 Redaktion
"Today’s vote is a milestone for consumer and health protection in Europe..."

Organic Production at Earthbound Farm, California (USA)

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29.05.2006 Redaktion
13.5 million servings of organic salads are sent across each week by Earthbound Farm’s plant in California.

Big Increase in Organic Cotton Sales

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17.05.2006 Redaktion

Organic Exchange stated that national organic cotton sales increased 55 % annually.

Weikfield wins Superior Taste Award 2006

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11.05.2006 Redaktion

Organic Golden Mango Tea has been granted by ITQI for excellent quality.

New Zealand: Government to Boost Organic Growers

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09.05.2006 Redaktion
Agriculture Minister Jim Anderton has announced that more than $ 2 million will be provided in this year's budget.

Euro Coop’s Position Paper on the Review of the European Regulation on Organic Farming

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24.04.2006 Redaktion
The umbrella organisation of European Consumer Cooperatives took position
regarding the new EU Regulation und published this press release:

Anheuser Bush brewery is introducing organic beer as a test run

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21.04.2006 Redaktion

Anheuser-Busch, whose empire is built on Bud and Bud Light, is test-marketing its first organic beer in the North Bay, Santa Barbara and six other smallish cities in California.

Increasing imports of organic baby bananas from Ecuadar in EU and US

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19.04.2006 Redaktion
A small banana variety from Ecuador is developing into an export product with potential. 
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