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Vivaness review: markets, brands and a lot of innovations

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare


Vivaness, that was held parallel to BioFach in Nuremberg, is increasingly the international location for the natural cosmetics scene.The markets for natural cosmetics are developing dynamically, both in Germany and worldwide. At the trade fair you could see interesting concepts, new brands and start-ups. The German market was not able to maintain the speed with which it had been growing, but the percentage growth in sales is still significantly higher than that of the total cosmetics market.

naturkosmetik verlag: change of management successfully completed

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

03.03.2017 Editor

Since January 1, 2017, Wolf Lüdge assumed the management of the publishing company naturkosmetik verlag from Elfriede Dambacher. Lüdge will coordinate and carry out the international Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference in Berlin this September.

Vivaness: German Newcomers - Tio Care, Denttabs, Mahlenbrey

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

16.02.2017 Editor

Like last year the German Ministery for Economics supports a pavilion for innovative German companies at Vivaness. We present the last three firms of the German Newcomers (natural cosmetics) out of 10, today.

Vivaness: German Newcomers - Shaoyun, Fairsquared, Yverum

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

15.02.2017 Editor

Like last year the German Ministery for Economics supports a pavilion for innovative German companies at Vivaness. We present two or three of the German Newcomers (natural cosmetics) in the next days always.

Vivaness: German Newcomers - Aroma Garden, Zunderschwamm

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

14.02.2017 Editor

Like last year the German Ministery for Economics supports a pavilion for innovative German companies at Vivaness. We present two or three of the German Newcomers (natural cosmetics) in the next days always.

Vivaness: Gute Marktvoraussetzungen für Naturkosmetik

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare


Die Naturkosmetik-Branche boomt weiter. Die Nachfrage ist besonders in Deutschland blieb auch 2016 Treiber des Kosmetikmarktes. Auf der internationalen Fachmesse Vivaness, in Nürnberg, werden vom 15 - 18. Februar rund 259 Aussteller aus 35 Ländern Neuheiten, Trends und Innovationen vorstellen. Informationen und Tipps in unserem Überblick.

Vivaness: German Newcomers - Angel-Minerals, Beauty Beee

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

13.02.2017 Editor

Like last year the German Ministery for Economics supports a pavilion for innovative German companies at Vivaness. We present two of the German Newcomers (natural cosmtics) each of the next days.

Global organic personal care market to reach $25.7 billion

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

10.02.2017 Editor

The Dublin based Research and Markets has announced in their “Global Organic Personal Care Market Analysis & Trends - Industry Forecast to 2025” report that the global growth in the sector continues.

Vivaness 2017: natural cosmetics on a grand stage

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

07.02.2017 Editor

From 15 to 18 February 2017 the eleventh edition of Vivaness, the International Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care, is taking place at the same time as Biofach. Around 250 exhibitors from over 30 countries are expected at the exhibition.

Vivaness: the event for natural beauty professionals

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare


The natural and organic cosmetics industry is booming and has enjoyed continuous growth in popularity across the globe for many years now. The demand for products is high all over the world and the market is characterised by dynamic progress. Germany is the leading market in Europe natural and organic cosmetics. Vivaness, the International Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care, which takes place from 15 to 18 February at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg is the place where trends and innovations are presented by roughly 250 international exhibitors. The stage programme and the Vivaness congress complete the event and makes it a meeting place for the cosmetics sector.  

Natrue: No European harmonised Natural Cosmetic Standard 2017

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

02.01.2017 Editor

What will the next year bring as change for natural and organic cosmetics, asks Natrue, the association for natural and organic cosmetics. There won´t be an European harmonised standard for natural and organic cosmetics, that´s the fact.

Review of the year 2016

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare


Not an easy year - politically as well as for the organic industry. Although turnover is still growing political developments as in the UK, in Turkey and the US will all impact on to the organic sector. The worldwide organic movement is working on new ideas and is fighting very hard against GMO and pesticides. Looking back over the organic year, we are summarising important events, market data, developments, trends and reports from Europe and across the world. Please join us for our review! Many more themes are available in our archive and on YouTube  and Twitter.

Russia: Successful event for beauty bloggers at InterCharm

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

21.12.2016 Editor

The international community of beauty industry met end of October in Moscow for the largest perfumery and cosmetics exhibition, the InterCharm 2016. It was visited by 69 864 unique visitors within the 4 days.


Buying natural cosmetics: online or in stores?

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare


It's ages since natural cosmetics were available only in wholefood stores. And demand that has been rapidly rising for years has meant that natural cosmetics brands have now been listed by other outlets than drugstores and conventional food retailers.  Above all, the online trade has created a lot of space on its virtual shelves for natural cosmetics. Biopinio – mobile market research for the organic sector – has investigated and asked over 1,200 bio-savvy customers about their purchasing habits. The trend: it's not only digital natives who are keen users of the internet – not least as a source of information as well. The  biopinio study examines interesting issues around target groups, purchasing channels and people's need for information and advice.

China: e-commerce and cross-border model are on the rise

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

22.11.2016 Editor

With rising demand for foreign products and a fast growing e-commerce sector new platforms for cross-border consumption are growing dynamically. The government is pushing the trend.

Natural Cosmetics Conference focuses on trends and the future

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare


On 27 and 28 September around 240 actors in all aspects of the cosmetics industry met at the Natural Cosmetics Conference in Berlin. For the ninth time the participants from manufacturing and trade and service providers, plus representatives from the specialist press, sought information on the latest developments and trends. The spectrum of topics ranged from online trade, digitisation, change in values and communication to consumer transparency and the controversial raw material palm oil. An examination of the US market was interesting for companies intending to market their products in the USA.

Multinationals increase their sustainability

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

31.10.2016 Editor

The acquisition of green industries is on the rise since years. After the French based cosmetics company L’Oréal bought environmentally orientated brands like The Body Shop and Sanoflore, Unilever is also following this trend. 

Korea’s organic cosmetics after 400 victims of a toxic disinfectant

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

24.10.2016 Editor

South Korea is known for having a very self-conscious youth. By some estimates, the country has the highest rate of plastic surgery per capita in the world. In South Korea 980,000 recorded operations took place in 2014.

Too dangerous for the hands but not the mouth!

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

12.10.2016 Editor

Triclosan is an antibacterial and antifungal agent found in consumer products and surgical cleaning treatments. Its efficacy as an antimicrobial agent, the risk of antimicrobial resistance, and its possible role in disrupted hormonal development remain controversial.

Green Acquisitions will be highlighted at Sustainable Summits in Paris

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

29.09.2016 Editor

Unilever’s purchase of Seventh Generation is the latest in a series of green acquisitions. Organic Monitor predicts the trend to continue as large multinationals look to build a foothold in sustainable product industries.

Natural & Organic cosmetics continue to growth – nature-inspired cosmetics regaining

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

14.09.2016 Editor

 Compared to the previous year, the German market for organic cosmetics has grown in the first six months by 4 %.

Natural and Organic Personal Care Market Expected to Grow

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

09.09.2016 Redaktion

The global natural and organic personal care market is expected to value around $21 million by the end of 2024.

Natural cosmetics: ”Quality and company development secure the future”

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare


The first quarter of 2016 the market registered growth of roughly 10 %. Together with the turnover of nature-based cosmetics, natural cosmetics have achieved a market share of around 15 %, i.e. turnover of approximately two billion euros. A super result in view of the saturated cosmetics market. Looking at these figures, it's important to note that long-term commitment by the companies pays off, not only in financial terms but also in physical growth. We talked with natural & organic cosmetics expert Elfriede Dambacher about developments, concepts and the future.

Logocos causing a commotion again – planning to sell denied

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

19.07.2016 Leo Frühschütz

Bio-Markt.Info reported last December that  Logocos AG belongs to a Swiss holding company whose owners wish to remain anonymous. The German Lebensmittelzeitung now writes that the current proprietors – among them a Kazakh oligarch  – want to sell Logocos AG. Marc Christian Wedekind, chairman of the supervisory board at Logocos, denied this categoriacally when spoke to him.

Russia: Successful petition by and

Product ranges Cosmetics & Bodycare

19.07.2016 Editor

Results of the petition "Getting allergenic preservatives out of Russian children’s cosmetics!" initiated by and are that some of the responsible Russian manufacturers of cosmetic products begin to withdraw potentially allergenic preservatives.

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