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Bringing organic food to consumers through the food service

Trade Miscellaneous

19.10.2016 Editor

It is by now well known that organic food sells well about almost everywhere in the world. From Korea to France through the USA and Germany organic  product sales have recorded double digit growth.

Fighting against food waste

Trade Miscellaneous

06.04.2016 Editor

It’s a wonder the human race managed to survive before the advent of a date sticker telling us when we should be eating certain foods by, but survive we did.

Organic Greenhouse Farming

Trade Miscellaneous

04.04.2016 Editor

And the benefits of organic farming extend beyond just bringing healthy food to our markets, according to Mission Network News.

Review of the Year 2015: Events, Developments, Trends and Numbers

Trade Miscellaneous


It’s been a good year for the organic industry: the turnover of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in Germany, on the European and international markets has grown continually. The area of organically farmed land and the number of organic farms have increased slightly in this Year of the Soil. Look back with us over the organic year in our review! 

Sweden: Organic shops in Stockholm and growth in the catering sector

Trade Miscellaneous

05.01.2015 Kai Kreuzer

Organic sales in large retail stores in Sweden grew tremendously in the first months of 2014

The organic year 2014: markets, trade fairs, politics and trends

Trade Miscellaneous

22.12.2014 Redaktion

Have a look with us at the most important events and organic issues of 2014 in the German and international organic industry.

Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Paris 2014

Trade Miscellaneous

18.12.2014 Redaktion

The 6th European Sustainable Cosmetics Summit was held in Paris from 24th to 26th November 2014.

Paris: European conference demands changes to the planned Organic Regulation

Trade Miscellaneous

24.11.2014 Redaktion

The version of the Organic Regulation planned by the EU is to be withdrawn or to be amended

OrganicDataNetwork: workshop at the Organic World Congress in Istanbul and final project meeting

Trade Miscellaneous

20.11.2014 Redaktion
 The OrganicDataNetwork workshop and several presentations on project results were held in Istanbul.

IFOAM World Congress and General Assembly: Inspiration and Outcomes

Trade Miscellaneous

27.10.2014 Redaktion
Evaluation of the Congress by IFOAM’s managing director Markus Arbenz was positive, the keynote speakers also pointed to the way forward

IFOAM World Congress: From Bla-bla to Do-do!

Trade Miscellaneous

17.10.2014 Redaktion
The 18th IFOAM World Congress began on 13 October in the ICC in Istanbul

Italy: Sana closes with record figures

Trade Miscellaneous

19.09.2014 Redaktion

Sana took place in Bologna on 6 - 9 September 2014.

IFOAM Organic World Congress 2014 in Istanbul

Trade Miscellaneous

04.09.2014 Redaktion
The Turkish organic movement invites us to the biggest organic event of the year from 13 to 15 October 2014

Innatex: fashion with a mission

Trade Miscellaneous

13.08.2014 Redaktion
At Innatex in Germany, more than 240 exhibitors from 20 countries presented their collections for next summer.

OrganicDataNetwork: discussion with market researchers and representatives of official agencies

Trade Miscellaneous

06.08.2014 Redaktion
The second European Workshop on “finding practical solutions to current organic market data problems” ha beeb held in Italy.  

An unanimous “NO” to the full revision of the EU-Regulation on Organic Production

Trade Miscellaneous

15.07.2014 Redaktion
Higl-level statements in Berlin at a BÖLW event

Brazil: organic as profiling tool

Trade Miscellaneous

01.07.2014 Redaktion
The offer is becoming more and more varied in Brazil, and you find organic products in all marketing channels.

Brazil: dynamic growth of the domestic market and exports

Trade Miscellaneous

27.06.2014 Redaktion
In our country special, we report in several articles on the Brazilian organic market.

The Netherlands: BioFach 2015 country of the year

Trade Miscellaneous

24.06.2014 Redaktion
Export firms with a wide organic range deliver all over Europe.

Natrue: Lobbying in Brussels the top priority

Trade Miscellaneous

19.06.2014 Redaktion
The list of activities and projects of the natural cosmetics industry association Natrue and its office in Brussels is long.

UK: Sales of organics growing again

Trade Miscellaneous

12.05.2014 Redaktion

The Soil Association has published its Organic Market Report 2014, revealing growth of the organic sector by 2.8% in 2013.

In-Cosmetics: green trend in raw materials

Trade Miscellaneous

28.04.2014 Redaktion
The international cosmetics ingredients trade fair was held in Hamburg.
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