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La Vie Claire: organic chain with 240 stores on an expansion path

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24.06.2015 Kai Kreuzer

After the organic association Biocoop, that has over 350 specialist wholefood stores, in terms of numbers La Vie Claire is in second place with 240 stores.

Bio-Planet: food retailer’s subsidiary an important player in Belgium

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16.06.2015 Kai Kreuzer

In April 2015, Bio-Planet’s fifteenth organic supermarket was opened in Halle, 20 km south-west of Brussels. 14 years ago in 2001, the first Bio-Planet store was launched in Kortrijk.

Organic supermarkets in Belgium: Biocap has three stores

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05.05.2015 Kai Kreuzer

The specialist wholefood trade in Belgium lags behind countries like Germany and France. Large-scale specialist organic stores (over 200 m²) and organic supermarkets (over 400 m²) are far from being the standard in organic marketing. Three of the nearly two dozen Belgian organic supermarkets operate under the title Biocap.

Poland: new store concepts with bistro

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21.04.2015 Kai Kreuzer

Poland’s biggest wholefood retailer, the Organic Farma Zdrowia Group, increased turnover in 2014 by 25 %, which equates to a 25 % rise in value from 52 million zloty (12.5 million euros) to over 65 million zloty (15.1 million euros). By implementing a franchise system, the company’s aim is to be operating 100 specialist wholefood stores avross the whole of Poland by the end of 2017.

The Netherlands –Biofach Country of the Year – developing splendidly

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The Dutch organic market has more or less doubled since 2008, and in 2013 it passed the billion euro mark. The organic organisation Bionext estimates the value of turnover to be 1.07 billion euros. Around 1,500 certified organic farms are operating in the Netherlands and 1,700 companies are active in the manufacturing and trading sector.

Bio Company: 100 million euros in its 15th anniversary year

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17.03.2014 Redaktion
Bio Company in Berlin is delighted to have achieved record turnover and sees further potential for expansion.

India’s domestic market gathers pace

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31.01.2014 Redaktion

India's domestic market has been developing well, and marketing prospects are promising.

Successfully marketing organics in Slovenia

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15.10.2013 Redaktion

In the past few years, the organic sector has been gaining ground in Slovenia.

India: Organic taking root in the cities

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16.09.2013 Redaktion
The article is about domestic market size and growth projections

Ebl: regional and independent

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06.08.2013 Redaktion
For about a year, all sections of the German company Ebl-Naturkost have been located in Fürth.

Sonnentor launches partner shop programme

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30.07.2013 Redaktion
Since the beginning of 2013, Sonnentor has been offering the specialist retail trade a partner shop programme.

Germany: 20 years SuperBioMarkt, 40 years organic culture

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25.06.2013 Redaktion
SuperBioMarkt, with 18 stores, celebrates its 20th birthday this year.

Vita Nova-Reformhaus Mayr sets new standards

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10.05.2012 Redaktion
The new specialist store in a suburb of Munich is an exciting experience

Italy: NaturaSì opens store with new concept in Vicenza

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01.03.2012 Redaktion
A new NaturaSì store hass opened in Vicenca on 800 m²

Organic cookery studio gives competitive edge

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17.10.2011 Redaktion
Frank Lüske runs the organic supermarket Biolüske in Berlin

Sweden: Sales of organics increase by 11 %

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27.07.2011 Redaktion

Sales of organic products in Sweden increased by 11 % in 2010.

New organic supermarkets in the first half year 2011

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13.07.2011 Redaktion
In the first half of 2011 in Germany 29 organic supermarkets were opened or increased their size

Hungary: Difficult Development

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03.02.2011 Redaktion
Hungary’s macroeconomic development has been characterized by political and economic instability

Sequoia opens third organic supermarket in Brussels

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01.11.2010 Redaktion
With their new store concept, the trio who own Sequoia are set to test a model that can replicated elsewhere

Challenges of Organic Retailing in China

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14.10.2010 Redaktion
The organic market in China has started to gain ground.

Naturata Halle/Germany: changing people’s habits

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20.09.2010 Redaktion
Jürgen Tschentscher opened his second organic store

Renaissance of owner-managed shops

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08.07.2010 Redaktion
Two Frankfurt stores are good illustrations of the trend to a renaissance of owner-managed businesses

The Organic Supermarket in Dublin

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04.06.2010 Redaktion
The Organic Supermarket in Dublin is Ireland's first organic supermarket

58 organic supermarkets and specialist stores opened in 2009

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02.03.2010 Redaktion
In 2009, 27 new organic specialist stores and 31 organic supermarkets were opened
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