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ECJ judgement: the term “soya milk” no longer allowed

Trade Products

27.06.2017 Editor

It is no longer permitted to market products of purely plant origin by using words like milk or cheese. That was the decision of the European Court in Luxembourg.

Organic logos: Germany the frontrunner

Trade Products

26.06.2017 Editor

In Europe and worldwide there are now 100,000 products with an organic logo and they include an especially high number of new products. In terms of product innovations, Germany is in the lead.

Glyphosate: MEPs grilled Commission on “Monsanto papers”

Trade Products

14.06.2017 Editor

The debate yesterday in the European Parliament MEPs say that correspondence has shed doubt on the credibility of a number of Monsanto-sponsored studies. The studies were part of the evidence used by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to evaluate the safety of glyphosate.

Approving eco plant protection products to become simpler

Trade Products

06.03.2017 Editor

The EU Parliament intends to speed up the authorisation procedures for bio pesticides. The portal reports that the members of parliament are calling on the EU Commission to make the corresponding changes to the law.

EU organic law opposes organic mate tea

Trade Products

08.02.2017 Editor

Organic or not organic? The issue is not clear in the case of mate tea. The EU Commission and the organic authorities in a number of federal states in Germany question whether certified organic mate tea from South America can be sold as an organic food item.

German organic logo on 75,000 products

Trade Products

09.01.2017 Editor

The state organic logo, standardised across the whole of Germany, has been in existence since 2001. The competent authority is the Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung (BLE).

Organic vs. local produce: Fruit importer Eosta argues for an informed purchasing decision

Trade Products

29.12.2016 Editor

Customers now prefer locally grown produce. Volkert Engelsman, managing director of Eosta, an international distributor of organic fruit and vegetables, advocates a differentiated approach to locally grown produce, as well as greater transparency.

Naturland draws conclusions from misdeclaration

Trade Products

13.12.2016 Editor

The Naturland organic producer association, the marketing association of Naturland farmers (Marktgenossenschaft der Naturland-Bauern), has parted company with its managing director Franz Westhues and an employee of the organisation. 

Nestle with GMO free pasta in future?

Trade Products

02.11.2016 Editor

The US pasta and sauce brand Buitoni which is owned by Nestle announced to remove GM ingredients. The move was part of an ongoing effort to provide customers with good quality products they can trust, the company explains.

Bringing organic food to consumers through the food service

Trade Products

19.10.2016 Editor

It is by now well known that organic food sells well about almost everywhere in the world. From Korea to France through the USA and Germany organic  product sales have recorded double digit growth.

How Switzerland invests in organic farming in Central Asia

Trade Products

17.10.2016 Editor

Jalal-Abad, a major city located in the western part of Kyrgyzstan, close to the Uzbek border, held a forum on organic products within the BioCotton project.

Too dangerous for the hands but not the mouth!

Trade Products

12.10.2016 Editor

Triclosan is an antibacterial and antifungal agent found in consumer products and surgical cleaning treatments. Its efficacy as an antimicrobial agent, the risk of antimicrobial resistance, and its possible role in disrupted hormonal development remain controversial.

Consumers’ misconceptions affect sales of organic fish

Trade Products

10.10.2016 Editor

Although the market for organic food has grown in the EU over the last few years, organic sea food remains a small business in Europe even at times when the organic sector is in permanent expansion.

German retail trade wants more GMO-free milk

Trade Products

26.09.2016 Redaktion

With the introduction of  its Milbona brand GMO-free fresh milk nationwide, the German discounter Lidl has set an example. More retailers are expected to follow suit and will soon be selling GMO-free milk.

EU Commission no longer recognises organic salmon from Norway

Trade Products

22.09.2016 Leo Frühschütz

From 1 January 2015 organic salmon from Norway has no longer been organic. That's the opinion of the EU Commission.  What the consequences are is not the least bit clear. The only thing that is clear is the fact the production conditions of Norwegian organic salmon farmers have not changed. What's going on here is to do with the legal situation– and diplomacy in agriculture.

Italian Organic Wine Exports Grow By 38%

Trade Products

05.09.2016 Redaktion

In 2015, Italian organic wine exports grew by 38% with sales worth 205 million Euro.

Heavens Water from Amsterdam

Trade Products

04.08.2016 Editor

A group of Dutch entrepreneurs has used their country’s wet weather as a business opportunity by creating a rainwater bitter.

Monsanto Tribunal and People’s Assembly

Trade Products

14.07.2016 Editor

Navdanya is co-organizing the Monsanto Tribunal and a People’s Assembly for the future of food, the future of the planet from 14th-16th October 2016 at The Hague.

Amarjit Sahota: visionary of worldwide organic development

Trade Products

31.05.2016 Kai Kreuzer

Fifteen years ago the now 44-year-old Sahota founded a management consultancy in London. Nobody suspected at that time what the little firm called Organic Monitor would one day become. Now this modest Englishman of Indian descent and his exceptionally dedicated team organize a large number of congresses all over the world. Watch the video interview.

Successful Natural Products Expo West

Trade Products

30.03.2016 Editor

What are the next top products and trends in the natural and organic sector? 77,000 people came together to answer that very question in Anaheim, California.

Indian umbrella organization ICCOA creates market access

Trade Products


The International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture ICCOA has been working as an umbrella organization for organic farming for more than ten years. The organization´s vision is not only to enable farmer to produce organic crops but also to help them find appropriate markets, both national and abroad. Two important steps have been accomplished by establishing C-SOF, the Centre for Sustainable and Organic Agriculture, andSusAgri Development Private Ltd., creating market linkage for organic products sourced directly from farmers. With Video-Interviews.

Happy Coco: start-up with organic, fair, raw and vegan products

Trade Products

07.03.2016 Editor

The start-up Happy Coco trades in new, innovative coconut products. The firm was founded in October 2014 in Amsterdam by Arjuna van de Kooij and Hans-Marcus Röver.

UK: catering the most active sector of the organic market

Trade Products

02.03.2016 Editor

The organic catering sector has increased by 15.2 per cent over the past year, according to the Soil Association’s 2016 Organic Market report.

EU, Colombia increase the trade in organic products

Trade Products

18.02.2016 Editor

The Government of Colombia and the European Commission announced the start of negotiations towards a bilateral agreement on trade in organic products.

Study says: steviol glycosides are biopiracy

Trade Products

15.12.2015 Leo Frühschütz

Working together with organisations in Switzerland and Paraguay, the German Misereor has presented a study that demonstrates clearly that the marketing of stevia-based sweeteners is an act of biopiracy towards the Guarani Indians.

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