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BioFach Events: Between Realpolitik and Rebellion

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

08.03.2007 Redaktion

With a furious speech against genetically modified food at the opening event, Slow Food President Carlo Petrini got BioFach 2007 underway.

Record Number of Visitors: 45,000 People at BioFach and Vivaness

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

21.02.2007 Redaktion
Even the Nuremberg Trade Fair, the organisers of BioFach and Vivaness, had not anticipated such a positive response. 

Every second organic euro is spent in the supermarket or discounter

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

20.02.2007 Redaktion
The organic market in Germany is booming. 

Italy: Less food miles through direct marketing

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

15.02.2007 Redaktion
Direct marketing by organic farmers is now starting to grow in Italy.

Italy: Country of the Year at BioFach 2007

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

13.02.2007 Redaktion

BioFach 2007 is presenting Italy as Country of the Year.

Italy is Country of the Year at BioFach 2007

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

01.09.2006 Redaktion
Europe’s biggest organic producer offers tempting variety and quality.

Transparency Is Just A Click Away

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

21.04.2006 Redaktion

“In 2004 we were preoccupied mainly with the growers; last year the priority was building contacts with trade and brand article partners; 2006 is for us the year of the consumer.”

New Products Introduced at BioFach

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

05.04.2006 Redaktion

Whether anti-ageing cream, fine wine vinegars or health-promoting ‘Acerola Taler’ in bio quality, this year’s BioFach was once again the opportunity to present new products.

Trade Symposium at BioFach: Attracting Customers, International Models of Success

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

21.03.2006 Redaktion

“Organic trade - reaching consumers with innovative ideas” was the title of this year’s specialist symposium that was held one day before BioFach opened in Nuremberg.

Exhilarating atmosphere at BioFach 2006

Trade BioFach / Vivaness

24.02.2006 Redaktion

It could not have gone better. Everywhere you looked you could see beaming faces of people delighted with the success of the superlative organic trade fair that took place 16-19 February.

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