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Ukraine: potential that ought to be exploited

Trade Trade


Ukraine is an important source of organic raw materials. Even after irregularities in recent years, some of a serious nature, nothing has changed regarding Ukraine as a sourcing country. There is potential and the new Ministry of Agriculture is working on closing gaps in the organic legislation, supporting organic farms and creating a corresponding infrastructure. However, many people feel the guidelines of the  EU Commission are a hindrance to trade. The guidelines were issued as a reaction to the scandals and apply until at least the end of this year. The two-day conference “Sourcing Organic from Ukraine” was conducive to constructive dialogue between representatives from Ukraine and representatives from politics and control organisations, importers and processors. (Video interviews)

Europe: organic potential at risk

Trade Trade

14.11.2016 Editor

It is well known that for the last 30 years the organic food market has expanded tremendously. Since the mid-1980s the EU total area of farm land increased by 3 million hectares (2014). In 2005 the EU organic retail market account for €11.1 billion in sales and it more than doubled by 2014 with €24 billion.

Indian Start-up Exports Organic Produce to Germany

Trade Trade

14.11.2016 Editor

Germany should get more organic food imports from India. The Bangalore start-up back2basics should be become a frequent supplier for Germany. The startup was founded when corporate executive, S Madhusudhan, turned farmer.

Kroger wants to buy Whole Food Market

Trade Trade

11.11.2016 Editor

Kroger is seriously considering a takeover of Whole Foods Market powered the stock in both companies. Kroger is an American retailer founded in 1883 in Ohio. It is the country's largest supermarket chain by revenue.

Germany: dispute over organic brand Alnatura

Trade Trade

08.11.2016 Editor

The long dispute between dm, a German chain of drugstores that sells cosmetics, healthcare and household products and health food,  Müller and Rossmann, two other big German drugstore chains, is about to be settled.

Why French organic food is on the rise

Trade Trade

07.11.2016 Editor

The Agence Bio published in late September a study on the development of organic agriculture in France. According to the study, in the first six months of the year, sales of organic products rose by 20%.

Australia cautious about EU Agricultural Trade Deal

Trade Trade

04.11.2016 Editor

Australia is worried that EU rules and norms might become a hurdle to agricultural negotiations. The European Union is an important trade partner for Australia, since 4.5 percent of their exports go to the old continent.

Sweden: organic market with significant growth

Trade Trade

04.11.2016 Editor

After the first six month of 2016, the market share for organic products in Sweden reached 9% by sales value. This is as great a market share as in Denmark according to the half-year report by the consulting company Ekoweb.

India: Terra Greens expands its organic base

Trade Trade

03.11.2016 Editor

Terra Greens, a Hyderabad-based start up engaged in organic food business, has announced its move to adopt 4000 farmers in Tamil Nadu to meet the growing need for organic staples and encourage organic food cultivation.

Dutch organic sales increased by 11.5 percent in 2015

Trade Trade

01.11.2016 Editor

The share of organic in the retail (grocery and specialty) was more than 4.3% in 2015. In the first half of 2016 the growth at the supermarkets goes on.

Multinationals increase their sustainability

Trade Trade

31.10.2016 Editor

The acquisition of green industries is on the rise since years. After the French based cosmetics company L’Oréal bought environmentally orientated brands like The Body Shop and Sanoflore, Unilever is also following this trend. 

UK organic market back to growth

Trade Trade

27.10.2016 Editor

The report of Soil Association, states that with a sales growth of 4.9 percent, the sales of organic products in the UK are already at 1.95 billion pounds. 2016 should be the year in which organic food products break the 2 billion pound mark.

Bringing organic food to consumers through the food service

Trade Trade

19.10.2016 Editor

It is by now well known that organic food sells well about almost everywhere in the world. From Korea to France through the USA and Germany organic  product sales have recorded double digit growth.

Showcase projects: organic tea in China

Trade Trade


In China quite a lot of entrepreneurs see the future of tea growing in general and the future of their own companies in the organic sector. Trading organic teas is still mostly dominated by exporting but they are working on innovative concepts in order to open up the domestic market in China. Three examples from classic tea cultivation regions in the south of China illustrate this development. The report and the video take us to the Hangzhou region and the mountainous Yunnan province, the cradle of the tea culture. The video shows various organic tea gardens, harvesting, processing and also an interview with the founder of the firm Dongzhai.

How Switzerland invests in organic farming in Central Asia

Trade Trade

17.10.2016 Editor

Jalal-Abad, a major city located in the western part of Kyrgyzstan, close to the Uzbek border, held a forum on organic products within the BioCotton project.

How brands implement non-GMO standards

Trade Trade

13.10.2016 Editor

Since there are currently no federal government regulations that quantify the levels of GMOs or that require the labeling of foods containing GMOs in the United States, Hain Celestial  has participated in the Non-GMO Project (“NGP”).

How Bonduelle’s organic produce travels worldwide

Trade Trade

12.10.2016 Editor

Bonduelle announced it will extend its offer of organic canned vegetables with seven new products, which will be available among others in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden.

Cambodia’s organic future boosted by Germany’s GIZ

Trade Trade

11.10.2016 Editor

As international organic trade is continuously expanding with enormous markets like the US, UK and China, Cambodia could play a key role. The Asian country, which is known for its organic rice, could benefit from this rising demand.

Consumers’ misconceptions affect sales of organic fish

Trade Trade

10.10.2016 Editor

Although the market for organic food has grown in the EU over the last few years, organic sea food remains a small business in Europe even at times when the organic sector is in permanent expansion.

Supporting organic through transitional food

Trade Trade

10.10.2016 Editor

The main issue for a farmer during the transitional period is that the land will be farmed according to the organic rules, so at a higher cost, but the harvest is sold at the conventional price. A new concept of “certified transitional” is about to emerge.

France catching up with organic leaders

Trade Trade

07.10.2016 Editor

According to the organic agency Agence Bio, the first half of this year has proved to be very fruitful. Organic food sales increased by 20%.

Danone buys Alpro

Trade Trade

04.10.2016 Natascha Becker

The food corporation Danone wants a friendly take over of the US American manufacturer WhiteWave . Both companies expect the sale to be concluded by the end of the year, provided they have the agreement of the authorities.

Organic is becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine

Trade Trade

04.10.2016 Editor

In recent years Ukraine has attracted attention mainly on account of two issues connected with organic agriculture in Germany. First, an increasing proportion of organic fodder in Europe is being covered by imports from Ukraine. And second there are cases of residues and also fraud concerning the big and complex organic trade structures in the south of Ukraine, and they have never been completely cleared up. The end result is a very one-sided and  rather negative image of the country. The following contribution shows that organic in Ukraine is, however, also very vibrant and diverse and that organic products are becoming increasingly popular in the country itself. The domestic market is constantly growing.

The focus is on Wessanen in the takeover market

Trade Trade

29.09.2016 Editor

As the Dutch stock exchange journal ABM Financial News reports, analysts and investors are focusing on Holland's organic corporation Wessanen. In the course of the takeover of the US organic enterprise WhiteWave by Danone it says that speculation about  Wessanen, already smouldering for some time, has surfaced once again.

Organic marketing in China: Green & Safe in Shanghai

Trade Trade


The rapidly growing middle class in the mega-cities of China is increasingly health-conscious and can also afford to buy organic food. In Shanghai, the cool thing to do is, for example, to shop at Green & Safe or to eat out there. The store with its big restaurant reminds you in its concept and offer of the US-American Whole Foods Markets, and you find organic brands from the west on the shelves. Western food is in great demand in China. Shanghai has a number of organic delivery services as well.

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